Random with Izzy-B

Catching up on a few things from this week. One, we finally used Bella's "Easy Bake" oven that she got for her birthday (in MAY!!). Two, we went to Bella's school for her parent/teacher conference. And three, we went to 'Savers' to look for random costume stuff and clothes.

Yeah for the first time since May, we finally opened her "easy bake oven"... she's only been begging us for 5 months to use it.
Bella love instructions... she loves instructions for everything. She keeps the stupid instructions from her happy meal toys!! She lays out her game instructions from her NintendoDS games out like story books. She insists I read the instructions for microwaving popcorn, crazy kid.

I'm pretty sure we can make our food look just like the picture on that package. sure of it.
Mom and daughter went to work in the kitchen while I gave them room and watched Baseball on t.v... the american dream.
Gang Sign!! Whats going on in that 1st grade classroom of yours?!!

You can either make "sugar cookies" or a "yellow cake".. and chocolate frosting.
Bella chose to make the 'yellow cake'. (so far so good?)
Put it carefully into the "oven" (which is a plastic box with a 100 watt lightbulb inside of it)
... and 20 minutes later, out comes a cake thing!! dude, just like the picture.
Go crazy with the frosting
Bella liked it... pretty much.
I love the small things that make her so happy.

Monday, we went to Bella's school for 2 reasons. First, it was her parent/teacher conference, which went very well. The teacher said she is ahead of everyone in Reading ability, but she needs improvement with P.E. haha, I guess she still runs like an alien without proper arm to leg coordination. We were stoked with all the cool stuff she's been doing in class. Anyway, the other reason we hung out at her school, was that there was a "book-fair" in the library. We let Bella pick out whatever books she wanted, and she even picked out some cool pencils that looked like drumsticks.
There was this picture on an awards billboard. I guess this kid in this picture won an award for perfect attendance of something, but damn!! This kid is STOKED on his award!!!
"Mommy I wiiiiiin it"

..'book-fair' complete with homemade volcano's and everything. Kipapa elementary is legit son!

After the day at Bella's school, we went to "Savers" in Waipahu to look for costumes and stuff. I already have my Luigi costume for Halloween, but I needed to find some "70's theme" stuff for a photo job I have this weekend (i'm photographing a fundraiser party, and everyone has to dress up.)
Anyway, check out some other cool stuff that I found...
who doesnt want to be "Hitler"?!
Bella found some stuff to play with

some very vintage Aloha shirts...
..check the authentic tag. "So what! It's Hawaii"

and on a seperate photo note. You know how your 'point-n-shoot' camera has that Macro button on it.. the button usually labeled with a flower? Well, I've always wanted to use it to actually take pictures of flowers, so I did.