Going to Vegas

Finally started packing for this weekends trip to Las Vegas. I'm leaving Friday morning (about 9 hours from now)... and coming back home on monday night. The reason for this trip, it's Cameron's bachelor party!! What a guy huh?... wants to get crazy for real for his bachelor party. Cameron threw me an amazing bachelor party, so I dont have a problem spending the money to go support him in lost vegoose.
Truth be told, I hate Vegas. But hopefully i'll have a good time with my friends... i mean my "BFF's". If I win a lot of money, i'm not buying any of you shit. Just kidding, i dont even plan on gambling really. Hopefully I can get some good photos out of the trip, we'll see.
So what to pack for Vegas?... I have my fake moustache's, mini skirt, heroin, asmtha inhaler, polaroids, wigs, LSD, my sham-wow, and a "safe word" i've shared with my friends... I think I'm all set.

Hopefully I can fit everything into this backpack and mini suitcase, that way I wont have to pay $900 to 'check-in' my baggage, I can just carry these on.
cameron said "bring dress shoes".. i'm assuming he was telling me I might need something "dressy" for a club or strip bar or something. These red, fake alligator skin shoes are pretty "tight" right?? My mom said they are nice.
I'm gonna leave on the price tag from "Gucci" too, that way I can show the bouncer at the club and he won't punch me in the face.

o.k. off I go. I'm going to really miss Sam and Bella over the weekend, hopefully I'll hit the "megabucks" and I can fly them up on my new private jet.
Can you name a Jet? .. if I had a jet I would write my name on the side in big letters.. "John-o-rhhea"