Silver Channels

We did our thing today, we did it good. Me, Pat, and Brandon went surfing out at "Silver Channels" today. Its been like 2 years since i've surfed this place, its usually too crowded these days. Not like 10 years ago when "crowded" was 15 guys. Anyway we went in the middle of the day which was a good choice because all the morning session guys were coming in when we got out. I heard the morning was pretty epic, but with 30+ guys out in the morning, I think we made the right choice by coming late. We scored 2-3 occ. 4 ft. waves with light winds all day. Most of the time there was only like 4 or 5 guys out, and for a good hour it was just me, pat and brandon out. The winds were'nt holding up any tubes for us, but I tried to sneak into one or two, and I saw Brandon get a good little barrel as soon as he paddled out. Man, waves were fun today.

This is the coolest tree-house i've seen around. It's on the way during the long walk down the beach to Silver's.
...Finally getting out to the inside section
"Roger rights".. there were a ton of guys out here in the morning too. If I was 'regular foot' I would of been out there for sure.
uh oh, small kine obstacle course today. There were tons of 'portugese man-of-war' floating around in the line up and on the inside channel. I got zapped 3 times!! twice on the arm, and once on my stomach (not bad though, must of been a baby jellyfish that got me).
Pat "charging" the smallest wave of the day. No scared dat one.
fun little coasters.
this wave was better than this picture makes it look.
I dont remember if this is Pat or not?? I think it is
this is Pat for sure, he looks like what a surfer toy/doll would look like... like a statue or something.

nice water slide
today the air temperature felt like 100 degrees of doom, it felt so good to be in the water.
I think this might of been when it was just us 3 out.
haha, Brandon "head dipping" for the camera
...Speaking of tiny tubes, here's a 3 shot sequence of me tucking into a tiny section on the inside. I didnt make it out, I got pinched on the head for sure. It's also kind of hard to video tape yourself while surfing and trying to get into a small barrel. But what I really like about the pictures, is the stupid face I'm making... I am ugly.
This picture makes we wanna go back out..
Video of good times. Many good times. Hawaii rules. I also realize i have a ghost face because of all the sunscreen, but dang it was like 98 degrees in the shade. Gotta protect the face so Sam doesnt divorce me.

Yeah, crazy ass jellyfish. I tried to catch one with my teeth, I figured if Spongebob likes to catch jellyfish with a net, then this should be fun... not fun.

bye for now, hopefully I can surf one more time before we all go to vegas on Friday.