Sam's Birthday

Sam turned 28 years old on October 28th. Here's what we did.

The morning started off with some suprise floral arrangements
I thought the Purple and Green colors looked cool together in the vase.
I also made Sam a personalized birthday card..
..a personalized Birthday Balloon.

For breakfast Sam's mom and grandma took us out to eat at IHOP... I love Ihop.
Ihop Birthday cake

After IHop, I took Sam on a mini shopping spree around Pearlridge... grabbin whatever she wanted.

After Pearlridge, we picked up Bella from school and Sam opened some more presents from Bella.
Nice Card...
Faye-Sha made Sam a very nice painting for her birfday
Time for some birthday cake, this cake was put together by Bella and Faye-sha, how very nice.
28!!! (I met Sam when she was 18 years old)

Believe it or not, Sam had to go to work on her own birthday!! So after work we gathered our friends together at the house for some dice games and screaming.
"Left, Right, Center"... one of the funnest games to play while gambling.
beers and hurricane popcorn are always great 'Game night' snacks.

happy birthday my Love.