more Secret spot Surfing with Pat and Brandon

Hi there, this is a very long overdue post, but I had to make sure I put up the Vegas post before I did anything else. Anyway, this surf session is from last week Wednesday. Me, Pat, and Brandon went up to the north shore to surf some small waves (even though the surf report was calling it 4-6ft, liars.) We checked mokuleia first, and it was good but it was a bit crowded, so we checked our other secret spot. It was fun here, mostly because there was nobody else out. The waves were fun, mainly a day to practice your cutbacks and rodeo flips (which i'm getting pretty good at.)

We had to get 'air-dropped' into the spot again... it's super secret like that.
we set up a hut just in case we wanted to get Married on the beach later in the afternoon...
"go git 'em brah"
the first 30 minutes of the session was the best... the waves were at least head high. Towards the end of the session we were surfing the smaller inside beach break waves (which is like surfing a really good Barbers point.)

That's Pat down there about to get into a small inside wave,
..Brandon thinking about going 'right' on this outside set.
cutback practice

a nice fun slopey set... get your longboards out!!
Hot day / cool water

some more empties

this was like a "boing" sounding maneuver
Pat getting a good set.... who the hell is that other guy paddling out?!! "go home brah!!"
the "blindfolded Kung fu spray"

Here is the video from the session..

This turtle is totally surfing in the critical part of the wave.. scoring many points from the judges.

...why dont they make a "Teenage Mutant Surfing Turtles" cartoon already?!