Random eggs and bacon

I do nothing a lot, and then I let you know about it.

For example, I was in downtown on Monday with Alden. We went to get some Hawaii State I.D.'s... for no reason at all, except for the fact that we love waiting in line for 4 hours (no joke). Anyway sometimes we took turns waiting in line and feeding the parking meter. While I was outside I tried to keep entertained by taking diddley doodoo pictures. Here;

"Look a tree"
"Look at me"
"Look at these awesome yellow/gold statues"
"King Kamehameha No All"

Also on another interesting note, Isabella lost another tooth. Lucky for her modeling career, she lost another front tooth. Haha, now she has three front teeth missing. If she lines up her mouth up correctly, the gap in her teeth look like the pyramids of egypt, its a beautiful sight. The tooth fairy only had $2 in her pocket last night, sorry.
She needs to redo her manicure. Also, she is a "mix master!!" at Menchies, she has her fro-yo system down. 3 Yogo flavors topped with sprinkles, reeses pieces, butterfinger, snow caps, 1 strawberry, 1 brownie, 3 mochi balls, and a piece of velvet cake.

Speaking of Menchies, I was there last night and there was some crazy kids in effect. When I was first walking by Menchies, on the outside, it sounded like I was hearing monkeys inside the store.... like super loud monkeys. When we went in the store, I realized the noise was coming from a group of like 5 kids. The restuaraunt was pretty crowded with people trying to enjoy there frozen yogurt, and the parents of the crazy kookoo kids didnt give a shit that there kids were absolutely being too loud and obnoxious. Anyway I secretly took out my camera and video taped them for a bit. The video doesnt really show how loud the kids were in there, but It does show how much they love to spin around and run around and fall down in Menchies.... everytime you dont see a kid in the video, it's because he's running around the resturaunt shaking peoples chairs at different tables. yeah.

Even more random than that... I want you guys to know that our family LOVES Bacon. We love it a lot, we like it for breakfast, we like it for dinner, we like it with green eggs and ham. I hope you want to see a picture of bacon, because I have one right here;
I also have a video of Bacon. Written and Produced by Steven Speilberg.

So eat that!!