Wedding/Dog costumes/human costumes

Hi there, last saturday I had a pretty long day of photography. I started my morning off with a wedding, then had a "Beasties on Parade" animal costume contest for lunch, and then had a 70's themed costume party for dinner.

Hilton Hawaiian Village in the morning for a beautiful 'Destination Wedding.'

After the wedding, my day got really interesting. I went to the 'Bayer Estates' to shoot a costume contest for animals, it was a fundraiser for "no Kill" humane societies. It was awesome. I loved the function title, "Beasties on Parade".

Check this thing out!! I was thinking... what kind of costume is this... then I realized it's a bear dressed up as a dog. This dog was so humongous!! Biggest dog i've ever seen.
They had some awesome gourmet treats for doggies too... they looked so good. I almost wanted to eat one.
"Aloha brah"
These guys were my obvious favorite.

"Justice... with a side order of Spaghetti!"

Later in the evening I went back to the Bayer Estates for a 70's themed costume party. I have to say The Bayer Estates knows how to throw a party!!!

Check out some of the decor.
beach front avenue
halloweezie floral stuff
Lunar Fiction
Backyard of the Estate. (pre-party)
I dressed more 70's hippie, rather than being 70's disco.... any reason for me to wear a wig and a fake mustache, I'll take it.
"Dave Miyamoto and Co." (I was there on official business)
Hey Hippie, nice to see you
I just realized this guy was wearing a "Bullet for my Valentine" shirt. Nice on ya

This is exactly what it looks like! Michael Jackson was in the house, literally. They were getting ready to perform "Thriller"... and a killer performance it was!

Gimme this jacket!

Jesus drinks Corona
I dont know who this cowboy was, but he was funny. He kept asking me to take pictures of him, and of "Snow Whites" buttox. Funny guy

yay for saturday.