old picture re-post v.2

Another day with nothing to post. so i'll post this old picture. I like this picture because, like the last one, it was on one of the earliest rolls of film i shot on. I took this one when i was in "Mr. Little's" photography class at LCC, year 1999 i think. By the way, Mr. Little is the dad of old pro surfer Brock little and the dad of ocean photographer Clark Little (my idol), neat huh. Anyway this is a picture of a set of eyes seen through a television screen. I remember sitting in front of my t.v. with my telephoto/macro lens touching the tv screen, I was looking through the viewfinder the whole time waiting for a cool image to show up, then I would press my shutter. I didnt really know what was actually showing on the t.v.... I was just looking with one eye through the tiny viewfinder the whole time. When I saw some eyes pop up, I snapped the picture. I realized I took a picture of one of the ladies from the TV show "Golden Girls"... i think it was the old mom.
When I developed the picture in the chemical bath, it looked really cool. The eyes developed in the tub and kind of spooked me out in the darkroom. Anyway, yeah.. here's my picture of the day, from back in the day.

The more you stare at this picture, the more it stares back at you.....

"Television is bad for your eyes"