October 17th. Birthdays all day

Happy birthday to me, I am now 30 years old... wow. It wasnt only my birthday yesterday though. I celebrated two other birthday's yesterday besides my own. My friend Travis's son, Ezra, was celebrating his 3rd year on this earth. Also, our cousin Travis was celebrating his 19th birthday.
It was a great day of celebrating yesterday. I saw a lot of friends and family all in one day, then me and Sam went out to chinatown at night and partied it up.
We started Saturday off by walking around the shopping center and then going to see the movie "Where the wild things are"... which is a super badass movie!! The movie was definitely better for me and Sam, Bella said "it make me wanna cry a little". haha. It's an emotional movie I think, and Spike Jonze put an amazing soundtrack to it, something really nice to get the tear drops flowing. Anyway, it was a great way to start off my day. And the day continues;

I reminded myself of the movie "Eyes wide shut" with this mask at pricebusters.
I've been waiting to see this movie for soooo long. It was definitely worth it.

After we went to the movies, Me and Bella went up to mililani Mauka to my friend Travis's house. It was his son's, Ezra, Third birthday party. Travis, being the good dad that he is, even rented a 'bouncy castle' for the kids to play in. It was fun for Bella (and me.)

Here's the Birthday boy in his castle.
little Travis
.. I thought this was cool. On the table full of presents, most of them nicely wrapped boxes, I found this bag of skittles tossed on there... it was like, "eh, this is good enough for the birthday boy"
I found a new beer to drink in one of the coolers. It's a "Strawberry Ale" and it's pretty good, not as good as 'wild blue'.. but pretty good, and the bottle is huge.
After I drank the beer, I started taking really good pictures like this one.

After Ezra's birthday party I came back home. Then we walked over to our Cousin, Travis's, house. They live in the same apartment complex as us, so the walk was easy. Travis is 19 years old now, he works at Chili's too with Sam and her mom. I forgot to bring my camera over to the house so I don't have any pictures to show you. It was fun to celebrate his birthday and a little of my birthday too with family.

After Travis's dinner/dessert/cake party me and sam went back home to get ready to hit the town. We left Bella somewhere on the street.
We headed into Chinatown for two reasons, 1) to see Chon at the Loft, and 2) to see 'The Jump Offs' play at 'Next Door.'
Check out this sweet ass tag on some chinatown window.
Check out this legit stamp you got when you went to the party. It's the real deal, there's no way anybody could reproduce this with a blue ball-point pen.. no way. I put my name on a "list" to get this, this is status baby!

The Loft was cool, Chon definitely got me drunk. Music was good here too.
I love this guy, It was really fun when we used to live together on Coolidge street.
Thanks to Cam and Jac for stopping by and celebrating with me for a quick bit.
This picture must mean i'm at 'Next Door' now. Things in my memory started to get pretty fuzzy at this point.
...yeah, this is about how I remember everything from Next Door.
This girl next to me right here was super hot!!! Even when I had my 'beer goggles' on, it only made her look even hotter!! "oooh, I wanna sex you up"
Everything in chinatown this night was a 'Contrast magazine' party. This magazine is super badass. Check it out for real.
The Homie, Honozooloo, in effect. This guy keeps shit into perspective without showing you fuzzy pictures like I do. check him out:
Landon... I made him wish me a Happy Birthday when they were on stage. He came through for me, what a buddy.
Sam, sorry I dont look hot right now.
Dean, "D.J. Kause" making good sounds go inside my ear.
In the bathroom at Next door (as long as you go in the correct gender assigned side). Someone put this cup on the toilet.... it's really just tempting you "aim here instead... prove your marksmenship"..
haha, this picture is funny. BOB is awesome we all know that, and look at Erin's face!! I was gonna fix the 'red eye' effect, but I thought it matched her lipstick so I left it.
I kept thinking this guy wearing the 'Misfits' shirt was Talon, but it wasnt. Where was Talon this night?, that guy is really MIA these days.
tha homegirl Christa was in effect (of course she was, it's what she does!) Probably the hardest working blogger on the island and possibly the universe. She really knows how to "tell it like it is".. check her out:
It was "The Jump Offs" c.d. release party, yay. I remember Sam playing the c.d. on the car ride home (while I was passed out in the backseat.) It's the good shit.
"The Jump Offs" (make you wanna jump, jump!)
At this point in the night I was pretty "gone." Why did I take a picture of this speaker!?... I think I remember thinking.. "wow speaker.. you are really loud!... I'm going to take a picture of you so I can remember how loud you are tonight"..
It was a hot night outside, but luckily for Landon he had installed some central air conditioning in his jeans. Smart thinking buddy.
haha, what the deuce was this?!! Someone threw their panties on stage!!? I'd say this is reason enough for me to start a band.
back in the bathroom at 'next door'.. what the heck is on the toilet now?! This was going to be a challenge.. should I bring out my "rainbow stream" urine technique....

Last stop of the night... this must be 'Manifest'
The Dalek pieces from the 2D show were up... very cool. Everything looks amazing in this place. I had too much to drink already, but I still managed to order a 'wild blue' when I got here. Brandon and Justin's good looks made me do it.
I was thinking this was a Dalmatian when I took the picture that night. Glad I wasnt driving home.

thats that. Thanks for being you.
It's my birfday.