Chi-Town walking

It's amazing how many useless pictures you can take in 30 minutes walking around downtown. I'll show them to you right now. Me and Chris spent a little time in Chinatown taking some pictures. Chris was there taking pictures for his school project, so I drove down there and met him at 'Manifest'. We had a drink at Manifest first, then we walked around a few streets taking pictures and walking at the same time. After downtown, we made a quick stop at UH so Chris could show me where he's spending all his money in the photolab.

"Paradise Lost"... I dont think so, it looks like I found 'Paradise Hotties' right here.
Brandon at Manifest

Wild Blue of course
"Plane under a Pole"

"Working in an Office"
"Building leaves"

Elevator Rider
"Straight to the top"
"Building over a palm tree"
"Aloha Tower"

So this is in the UH Photolab, Chris showed me some of the cool stuff he's working on.

This is a huge negative from one of the projects he's working on. That's me in the picture.


Here's some video of our fun elevator ride.. we wanted to go up and down more than once, but the security gaurd busted us and turned off the elevator. oh well.

okay get out of here