New Years Resolutions

Well sort of late, but it's still January so I guess not so bad.

Actually I only have one resolution: I'm gonna be more stoked and supportive for other people. I found myself being such a hater last year, being very envious of other people. This year I wanna let that go and be proud with what I got going on, and be super stoked for others and encourage other people to be confident with themselves. Cheers.

I do, however, have a 2011 'photo shot list' that I would love to complete by the end of the year. Some are pretty wishful thinking, but I guess that's the goal.
1. A photo of a whale underwater. (I don't know if i'll be able to do this ''legally'', so I will settle for a picture of a shark underwater.
2. A self-portrait in the snow (yes, that means travel will be required)
3. A good picture from the Lantern Floating festival.
4. A cool long exposure underwater at night
5. A picture of somebody wearing a fishbowl on their head (with water and a goldfish)
6. A collection of at least 100 different Japanese people jumping in the air.
7. A picture of someone on a big vintage chair sitting in the middle of the ocean.
8. A band photo of Alt/Air
9. A picture of at least one person topless at a wedding.
10. A series of random objects on fire.