Day at the beach: Chun's

Yesterday, me and Sam went up to the North Shore. Monday was a full day of school for Bella, so we had 6 hours to enjoy by ourselves. Sam wanted to "lay out" on the sand and I brought my longboard just in case there were some 1 footers to surf. I havent used my longboard in about 14 months, and I realized im terrible at longboarding.

Anyway, the beach was beautiful. The water was perfect, and the winds kept us cool. Turns out there were a few tiny waves, so I went out for a quick little session.
I was only out with 1 person, so it was fun. I spent most of the time in the water swimming around and trying to find fish.
Here are some underwater views of the reef at Chun's.

I got lucky and caught a fish swimming by the frame in this one..

I like this picture... I didnt know my camera could create this kind of 'depth-of-field' ... looks like I shot it with a 2.0 aperture or something

this guy passed by.
trying to duck-dive a longboard is very hard
playing on the inside
I messed around with the sand.. I think this one looks like an Atomic bomb!
... and this could be a really abstract version of Space, the final frontier
on the topic of space, I thought this one kind of looked like a Nebula or a cluster of stars..
Sam got me making a bubble face
Ho brah!! Da shorebreak was poundah's!! gettinutz
an overhead view of the smallest tube.
honey, i shrunk G-land.

here's the videos from me surfing.. I put all the little segments together on the iMovie program. It's my first time trying to use that program.. its pretty fun. Longboarding is fun i guess (dont tell anyone i said that.)