Time to go Surfing!! / underwater camera

What's up all y'all party people, this IS the place to be. Jeezy creezy, this post took me about 1 week to compose.. uploading all the videos to youtube took about 4 days (Because youtube hates me).. anyway. This post is compiled of all the recent surf images and videos i've taken with my new fuji z33 waterproof camera. While Shane was in town, we surfed "Pillars" a few times, we surfed a "Secret Spot", we surfed "Kewalos", and played around at the beach at "Makapu'u" and "Ehukai". Hope you like the pictures.. all the videos are around 30 seconds or less, so go ahead and give them a view too. MISS YOU SHANE!! (Yes, like a lover.)

. My first surf session with the camera was out at "Pillars" by port lock, Hawaii Kai... it was a beautiful and pretty fun evening session with Cree and Shane.

Here is the video of us checking out the surf, from "Fingers", first..

Then here is the first video with the camera actually getting wet (the water effects the microphone a little)..

Jumping in the water was nice.. especially with good friends.
The waves were o.k. but since there were only like 3 other people out, it was even better. It was a little stormy.. Here's a little inside wave...

Cree got a quick little video of me doing a turn on a small insider..

Here's me catching a little inside wave, from the "Point of View" from me.....

The wave about to go over me..

I like this picture of Shane, it's very relaxing to me, all by himself.

Later in the week, we surfed a sweet secret spot while the big town swell came in. It was only Me, Alden, Shane, and Pat out. The waves were 2-3 ft. , the water blue, and fun as double heck!

Pat and Shane on the outside...


shane getting a good one....

Hi Everybody!

Check out all these mini surf videos from our secret spot... you really wish you were there!! :)

This is some blue water!! so fun times


The next session we had was at Kewalos ("straight outs").. just me, bronson, and shane this time.

Here's a look at the reef 3 feet below you...

Here are some surf videos from that day... (pretty small waves, but fun)

here's a little snorkling video of the reef...

I pass by bronson, who is paddling out, on this wave... look for him

Here is an interesting one.. i was paddling for the wave but missed it... but in the video you can see it break and barrel from the underwater view.

Here's a little lookie-loo of Shane 'duck-diving' a wave in front of me...

Me and Shane caught this one together.. he fell down, and his board tapped into mine.. suckah..

Bronson almost caught this wave, i was gonna follow him surfing.. but he missed the wave!!

My last wave in at Kewalos... right after some longboarder's board hit me in the head..

More reef picture

Shane was surfing the rights at 'Rennex' for a little bit... some good ones. (shallow as heck though)


the next session was back to "Pillars". This time we brought out a body board, hopefully it would be easier to video tape that way..

This is a pretty neat shot of the shore taken from underwater facing up...

this was after I shaved a Bald spot on my head... I tried to get it tanned up so it would look more natural.

Here's some videos from Pillars that day...

Chris was following me on this wave, I tried to bust a quick "chop hop" before the wave died out..

Here's me going in on my last wave.. I was using the bodyboard on this one..

little black&whiter of Cree taking a small inside wave..


the next beach session I had while Shane was still here, was a little dip in the ocean at Makapu'u. We didnt bring any surfboards, just our water wings.

There was a ton of limu (seaweed) floating around the shorebreak. it was pretty ugly.. ALSO! I got stung by a jellyfish... aye aye aye!!
Here are some Makapu'u videes.

I dont know why I feel the need to talk 'Pidgeon' everytime at the beach... but its a bad habit.

This is a good one of Shane riding on my back while we try to catch a wave together... we loved every second of it.

I also believe that the dude in this picture is using the smallest bodyboard ever invented.


Last beach session before Shane moves to Japan... Ehukai beach park. (no waves, just swimming fun)

Some videeeeeee

getting into the water for the first time

Shane rolling into the water.... later in the day Shane tried to ride me like a surfboard, it was total male bonding.

So that's that!! I hope you had as much fun as I did 'getting your feet wet'...

till next time...