Toy / Night / random photoshoot

Last week me and tha Crestallion went around waikiki/town to shoot some pictures, kill some time, explore each other's bodies, etc. It was monday night, the night we were suppose to get 'hurricane' weather (it rained on us quite a bit.) We brought some toys to shoot too.

Here's the set-up chris brought, his holga/polaroid back.
here's chris shooting his "fatima"... its neat how you can see the flash bounce off of the toy and back onto his face.
I brought my Koibito... we hung out by the ala-wai canal for a bit.
I did some "light painting" with my cell phone.

Some more light painting on the 'Fatima'

This is what we looked like for 45 minutes.. laying on the dirty, stinky sidewalk with camera's and toys.
Some very random dude, named "Duffy", walked by and then decided to sit next to us for 30 minutes and give us a history lesson about hawaii (although he mentioned he's only lived in hawaii for 10 years.) He was drunk, but not scary... so we let him entertain us for a while.
We took a walk with him down the alawai, then parted ways. Down in the middle of nowhere I decided to bring out my old lensbaby and shoot some pictures... I havent used this lens in a while, I forgot how hard it is to get a sharp focus... especially at night.

took one 'fisheye' shot
Chris wanted to take a picture of these coke machines for some time now, so we found them and took a few shots.. the most random of occurrences, we ran into the Homies at "Prolifik"!! they were nice enough to invite me and chris into the shop and shoot photos in there. Crazy stuff, it was awesome.

Ive never been in here, or even knew it where it existed... turns out we all a had a lot in common

there was artwork all over the place!!

Contrast in the house!!!

color tile rainbow

more koibito pictures

back outside
The rain eventually got the best of us, and me and chris called it a night.
good night