Recap of the Art show at SOHO

Hi y'all, last friday was a pretty cool day for me. I was able to put up my artwork in public for the 3rd time this year. The show was called "Stimulus", it was put on by the UH art department, and I was able to put my stuff up thanks to Chris (because he spends his money on college edumacations). I thought the overall turnout of people was pretty good. The art show was at SOHO in chinatown, most of the people were there around 7:30 pm or so. The show had about 20 artist of all genre's showing stuff, and a fashion show.

Two days before the show, me and Chris got our stuff and put it all together for the show. I went to go check out chris put his stuff together from scratch. (he's hardcore)
Here he is checking the print quality on his photos.
more quality control
He had to cut his own mats! I remember doing this when I worked at Pictures Plus.. it is not fun.

He painted his own frames too
Chris let me borrow his exacto-knife so I could cut a square mat.. I didnt have time to get a custom one from the framers....


The day before the show, we were suppose to drop off our stuff and set it up at SOHO. Here are some of the other artist and fashion designers waiting to be let in.

Friday night, the night of the show!! Thanks so much to all my friends for coming out and hanging out with me and making pretend they liked my stuff. I did see a lot of people coming over to our corner and looking at our pictures. I tried to stay close by to hear what they would say about my pictures, it was pretty neat to see some people even take pictures of my pictures.

Here is the corner where me and Cree set up our pieces.. Cree's stuff is on the left, and my stuff is on the right.
Chris put up 3 solid pieces.

Chris and his dad checking out his stuff...
Chris with his dad and sis

Cree and Oli checkin' other stuff out...
Here's my stuff.. I really didnt know what I was gonna put up until 4 days before the show. I found a bunch of Gold frames at Ross, so I figured I would just base my pieces around the shapes of the frames. Since I had some square frames, I figured I would print my 120 film (from my Diana+ camera)... with the panoramic ones, I figured I would just look through my photo library and pick 2 that looked like they would be nice cropped down to a 1 X 3 ratio. I think it turned out pretty cool.

I put my 'describe yourself in one word' polaroid project again... i'm up to 84 portraits!!
...see, everyone was good at making pretend they really loved my pieces!! I think I even saw Alden tearing up a bit... nice touch.
They said you could put prices on your pieces if you wanted to...
I'm pretty sure I put a fair price on my "Mr. White" piece, nobody bought it this night though.
Me and Sam, my biggest supporter.
tha Crestallion
Now it's about time for the fashion show....
I didnt wanna take pics of the models, so I tried to get pictures of people taking pictures..
I like the expression of the girl on the bottom right, while a shirtless ghost figure walks past.

here's a model, totally
i bet i will spell silhouette wrong..

shadows of silhouette's
Like I said, im glad my friends came out and made it fun for me. I had no idea how long we stayed there... seriously, we shut the place down!!! Erin was the last person in the entire place, shutting the bar down! way to keep it real Erin!
on the way out... angel and erin went out to Level4 i think. the rest of us went to go get some late night dinner.
Goo-bye chinatown
When we got home, I found some disturbing stuff! There was a dead baby in our front yard!!
Parents need to take better care of there children!!