Little League Baseball

I just watched the Kentucky VS. Indiana little league baseball game. The kids playing were all about 12 years old. The winner of the game (which was Kentucky) gets to go to the "Little League World Series".

Maybe it's because I used to play little league, but watching these games on T.v. makes me so emotional.

One of the saddest things you will ever see on t.v. is watching the faces of the kids on the losing team. It's absolutely heart wrenching! Sometimes it gets to me because I imagine, "what if that was Bella"... how do the parents of the losing kids console their children?

On the opposite end, one of the most best feelings I ever had watching t.v. was seeing the kids from Hawaii win the world series a few years ago.

Little League Baseball is amazing. I recommend you pick a favorite team, and watch the Little League World Series. No matter if you've ever seen a baseball game in your life, or know the rules, or how to play.. if you watch the world series, it will move you.

Also, thanks Dad for teaching me how to play baseball.