Wedding: Amanda & Mark

It's been a while since i've posted one of the weddings i've shot recently. I feel I need to show this one, because it was very special for me to shoot. The wedding was at Moli'i Gardens on Kualoa ranch.. and yes if you remember correctly, it's the same place me and Sam were married!! It was the first time being at a wedding there since my own, and it was extraordinary. Mark and Amanda were a couple from Texas who came down to Hawaii just to be married. Only there very close friends and family came, and it was a perfect crowd. If any of you out there are thinking about getting married, I recommend you keep this location in mind, it's beatiful!

This was Monday, the day we were suppose to be in a Tropical Storm!! Luckily God blessed these 6 hours for them, and held the rain off for 99% of the day, unbelievable. They had the ceremony out at the "secret island" across the fish pond. Perfect!

After the ceremony, everybody took the short boat ride back to the other side of the pond.
Even the boat dock provided some nice photo opportunities.
The couple were almost devastated when there original tent company backed out, because they didnt want to have there tent in the 'tropical storm.' Luckily they got a back up just in time. I loved staring at the mountains in the background.

As beautiful as it was in the day, it got even more breathtaking in the evening.
After the traditional dances, cake cutting, and stuff, it was time to take off the jacket and party!
perfect wedding.