50 cent

There's not a whole lot of things that you can buy for 50 cents, but there is at least one cool thing.

Check out this wicked awesome coin vendor machine I found in foodland Mililani. It sells Fake moustaches!! I freaking love fake moustaches, but i'm sure you already knew that.
I bought two capsules yesterday... I got a pretty good "magnum PI" stache, but it was light brown not black, the other stache was a thin blonde one... i dont know where I can use that one.
let's give her a test run...
Bella begged me to try it on too... she is totally my favorite kid in the entire universe
Hahaha!! I dont know how I caught this face on her, but it looks like she's about to pass out. Maybe the moustache gave her special "drunk uncle chad" syndrome.
later people!!