Soul Signature Art show reception at 'The Manifest' April 10th recap

O.k. for realsies this time. On April 10th, the Soul Signature Tattoo and Art studio officially took over 'The Manifest' for a killer art showing. Also on the walls, some photos up by the multi-talented and ever so seen HONOZOOLOO.
All though the artwork had already been up for about a week prior, this Saturday was the official opening party. I made sure I went down to Chinatown to check out the show and party. Here are a few more pics from the opening...

Mani Pedi
They filled up the entire brick wall with some beautiful gems.
They also have some limited edition prints and originals for sale. Some of the prints are super limited so make sure you go get one now before they sell out. I got myself one of these bad boys from Lucky.

A few Originals by Mandy Garcia. At an easy price to take home too!

Jandon Peid and Bustin Rark (i'm gonna trademark that)
fancy checkers
sound maker
I think it'd be better if I just finish off with some blurry pictures.

I dunno who this is... but he touched my 'special vienna' in the bathroom

Erica and Sam
Chad and Oli

and that's that.