I'm super late (but i'm not pregnant). Photo night w/ Cree + Brent

I was suppose to post this a long time ago, but you know...
Anyway, sometime in the past, me, Chris, and Brent went out to Waikiki to shoot some photos. And these are the ones I didnt delete.
Chris and Brent were shooting 4X5 film.
we stopped by International Market Place. Chris set up a shot, but while I was waiting for him I took a picture of the poopy roofs.
Totally got barreled!!
Make a left at a new spot
This was either a bum, or a tourist, I dunno... at least he was keeping warm with a plastic cartoon map.
Then I took a self-portrai
Then said hi to the Duke.

T'was a full moon...
...and I got the moon in my hands
Then I ate a "McGangBang"... no seriously, it's a McChicken all wrapped up with a double cheeseburger... $2.00. it just speaks Value!!

okay more