Friday night lights. DJ Sho / Manifest.

Friday night, I stopped by the Family Fair that was set up on Magic Island. I went with Chris to take some pictures. I wanted to be there around 7:00p.m. so I could get some twilight lighting, but uuuuhh, we slack off. We got there around 11:00pm. After the quick photo session, I headed over to Manifest so I could see my friend Mark a.k.a. "D.J. Sho" mash up some music.

I took a few pictures at the fair, but nothing too exciting, just some long exposure stuff.

I originally wanted to get this shot with some dark blue skies, but like I said.. too late. I forgot Magic Island had this many trees (blocking the shots I wanted.) Oh well, I did manage to still get Diamond Head off in the right distance.

Self portrait, about a minute exposure.

So yeah, headed over to Manifest in Chinatown. I got there right when DJ Sho was setting up, so good timing. The crowd was perfect (in my opinion), not too crowded, but enough party people to fill the dance floor.
I met Travis and Ulu there. I love these guys. When they are together they sort of remind me of me and Sam, fun people to be around with.
Plug it in Mark

I saw most of the Jump Offs crew there, they showed up late and drunk, just the way I like it. I was stoked to see Lando in a BxH shirt. I used to have some Bounty Hunter toys.

street livin'

adios compadre