First Thursdays... oh wait, "First Friday Eve"

Bella insisted on sleeping over grandma's house on thursday night instead of Friday night. That meant that me and Sam could go do something, too bad Sam had to work and there was nothing to do on a thursday night. Oh well, that didnt stop me from putting on some skinny jeans, hitting the town, and bar hopping.

Since Sam was tending bar at Chili's, I figured i'd stop by and get myself a drink.
Our neighbor, Mike, has his old job back at chili's working with sam. He obviously loves it
Presidente FTW

After Chili's, I met up with Chris who was attending an art event at U.H.
music people.
hey, I have the same shirt
inside da arts

Chris was helping make music with electronic thingy-wazoozles.
this guy said, "hey, take a picture of me dancing'' okay

After U.H. I met up with Cameron (if you're paying attention, that means I've proved that I have more than one friend.) Cameron took me to Level4. We was suppose to see a special DJ or something. We ended up having a few drinks and then journeyed on.

my favorite dancers

After Level4, we headed over to Apartment 3.
I drank this with my mouth

After Apartment3, Cameron called it a night. But, I was determined to hit one more place before heading home. I stopped off at Manifest a few minutes before they closed down. Technically it was 'First Friday' by the time I showed up.

had my favorite. (thanks Justin for the shot)
called it a night.

I also popped into the Jack-in-the-box drive thru on the way home. It was still eventful and a happenin place. Some little dude's were taking off their shirts in the parking lot trying to start a fight. I dipped my tacos in some buttermilk and watched for a while. lame.