Johnny Tsunami

As you may know, unless you don't know, there was a pretty serious Tsunami watch this past saturday. Because of the earthquake in South America, Hawaii was in the direct path of a possible incoming Tsunami.
Fortunately, there was not a devastating tidal wave, or any damage to the beautiful coastlines. Hilo bay got some crazy tide action, but that's about it.
So pretty good. I'm glad nothing happened because I really felt like if something did happen, I should be out somewhere taking pictures. I didn't want to miss out on a once in a lifetime photo opportunity (but Sam wouldnt let me leave the house.)
"You're not going surfing!!" -Sam.

The most entertainment came from watching the news, specifically the warnings from Guy Hagi.

"Never surf a Tsunami" ... haha

also, that one guy that kept frolicking in the water out in Waikiki. The newscasters had fun teasing him, for good reason. This guy is an idiot.

Hawaii rules.