I did Monday. you care?

In effort to try and keep a daily blog/journal, I'll let you know what I did today, Monday. Had lunch with Sam and her mom at Bravo's and went to Goodwill after. so yeah,

Bravo's. It's been a while since i've been here. It was as good as I remember.
It's all about the garlic rolls.

Stopped by Goodwill on the way back home.
The electronics counter was full of camera goodies. 2 polaroid camera's, an old 35mm Minolta, a Bell & Howell filmer, and some other really good goodies. (I didnt buy anything though.)
clothes. When I look at clothes, all I think about is, "Can I take a picture with this thing somehow?..." Actually I ended up buying a Tie-Dye shirt. ha. yup.