Me and Sam. Photos by: Dave Miyamoto

Seems like me and Sam have been in front of the camera a lot recently. About a week ago, the wedding photographer I work for, Dave Miyamoto asked if he could take some pictures of me and Sam. Me and Sam don't have that many formal / romantic pictures of us, so we jumped at the opportunity to get some photos done. It was so fun to work with Dave, as it usually is when we shoot weddings together. This time though, I didnt have to take any of the pictures, we just got to hang out and have fun, Dave found the pictures he wanted, and now me and Sam have something for our walls.

Our friend, Charisse Paulino from FaceForwardHawaii, did sam's professional make-up job again. :) We love her.
Sam had some cute little curls going on.. I had my black tie and argyle .

Here's the photos. Check out my boy. Dave Miyamoto & Co.