Zoo day. Spring Break.

Last week Bella was on spring break along with her cousins. We figured we'd go check out the zoo with the kids and the grandparents. I like the zoo I guess, it's usually a little too hot, a little too expensive, and I hardly ever see the tiger. This day was no exception.
Sam was nice enough to take a majority of the pictures in this blog, so i'm actually in a few of the pictures for once.
Brennan pre-sneezer
hmm, good idea or bad idea, hit the zoo on the first day of spring break.. Long line = bad idea
we love White Tigers.
Bella brought her camera too.
Sam checking the surf out at Waikiki... whoa, Queen's is going off!
Elephant, probably hating life.

I took a picture with Poncho Sullivan, who was hanging out with his family as well.

our kids, plus one stranger kid.
hippo encounter
you can see, this is the last picture of leiana (before the accident)... "where da tigah at?"

Sam took this one too... so close to being an epic shot. She liked it anyway. "Blurry gives it a cool feel... right?..."-she said.
Bella falling off the monkey bars

This reminded me of the NOFX album cover, 'Heavy petting zoo' hahaha
Is that a thermos in my pocket?... or .. yeah, you get it.
Bella's good at make-pretend.

bye now