Show at 949 Young St. Painted Highways. GRLFRNDS. Jump Offs

Overdue on another post, yup. This was from about a week ago or so, I went to go check out a show at the address of 949 Young street. I think they actually call this place 'Asterisks' or something like that. I think it's actually someone's house or something... I dunno, it just felt like I kept waiting for someone to ask me "Hey, what's the password?" while I was in there. I've never been there before, and I was really thrown off by the atmosphere, I kept thinking they were filming one of those commercials for Smirnoff Ice where they say "... I was there.." or whatever the slogan from those rave commercials are. Anyway.... There was some good music, so everything was cool, except for the temperature, that was not cool.
I think 4 bands played that night, but I think I missed seeing one of them because I was too busy being old and tired sitting on a couch in another room. I did get to see "Painted Highways" for the first time, they be good! I also sweated it out to listen to 'The Girlfriends', and 'The Jump Offs'. yeah...

Like I said, this place is weird.. kind of like a coke-head/ homeless people/ indie rock/ homemade millionaire mansion sorta place. (no offense to the people who actually live there) As soon as you go up the stairs, there's a pile of unorthodox garbage... foozball table, broken bikes, etc.
One of the main rooms, I guess is usually a living room or something.. but tonight it's a bar.
Then the place where the green monkey hangs out.
Then the show room, complete with paper mache' squid and Leopard Shark (Life Aquatic.) I think they use this room to show movies with a projector too... pretty awesome place actually.

'Painted Highways'

Hallway/ dark area/ scared of Uncle touchy-feely/ "Who's got the Blow?!" / smokebreak area.

Did I mention that you can hang out under tables...
"nothin better than drinking under a table"- Shelby

'The Girlfriends"

'The Jump Offs'