Monday exploration.

Monday, the weekend is over, Bella is in school. Me and Sam spend a day loitering around taking pictures. We went to the cemetery to try and find Sams' grandma's plot, then we went to see the Genten tree thing in Mililani. I have two camera's now, so me and sam can take pictures together, then compare them later to see who took better pictures. you be the judge (just don't say Sam took better pictures.)


Found some Gismundo's. (Sam's side of the family)

So Sam thinks she's a badass now, because she has a camera to use. I let sam use the 18-200 lens, and I used my prime lenses.
Here's some pics i took. You should check out this Genten tree thing. internet info: "The tall cylindrical "statue" shown is actually a koa log. The structure is
called "GENTEN," which is Japanese for starting point or origin
and represents unity".


Sam's pictures. (yeah, so they're better than mine.. so what)