The Pettyfords. Comin' back at ya

I got to hang out with "The Pettyfords" on monday. Yes, the Pettyfords, the band you remember from 1997. They are back in effect, with all the original members, except for Roy the drummer... some sort of 'Spinal Tap' syndrome I think. That's okay, now they have Steve on sticks. Jeremy asked if I wanted to hang out with them during there practice session and snap a few shots. I gladly accepted the invite, and headed over to EMS studio's in Pearl City.

It's been a while since i've been to EMS, and it really brought back some good memories of playing with my old band, "Contra". This time though, I didnt have to lug any heavy equipment up these stairs.

The Pettyfords were already jamming when I showed up.

workin on the new set list. I'm happy my favorites were still in rotation, 'Winnie Cooper', and 'ALOHA means goodbye'.... I wonder what ever happened to that song "Darla's Ugly". haha

now half of the members wear wedding rings, and all of them wear ear plugs. times have changed since the 90's, but the awesome vibes remain the same.


The Pettyfords

shang bang.