This is an exciting blog post for me, since I was looking forward to this concert for about 2 months. So yeah, The Vandals played a show here on Oahu on Saturday night at Ana Bananas.
I love the Vandals so much, I was willing to go to the concert by myself. Unfortunately none of my friends could join me to partake in the fist pumping. Also, on a side note, Josh Freese finally came down with The Vandals this time to play, so it was a legit Vandals show!

I'd like to thank Jason Miller with 808 shows and Underworld Events for bringing the band down to celebrate the 15th birthday of Hawaiian Express !!

I guess if you know me personally, you know how much I LOVE the Vandals, so I dont need to explain much more why I was so excited to go to this show. Anyway, enough fan appreciation comments from me, let's get to the show.

Up first was a band from California, "Whisky Avengers". These guys were super impressive, the drummer especially, I thought about buying a c.d. for $5.00... but the coors light tall cans were competing for my money. Anyway, they borrowed some horn blowers from local talents, 'Black Square' (I think). Anyway, I took one picture then bobbed my head up and down for the rest of there set. Check 'em out.
After them, local band "False Crack" played a set. Sorry I didnt get a picture though, I was busy being old and tired outside in the rain leaning against the brick wall. My back hurt, okay!?

The final band to play before The Vandals were local legends, "The 86 List." I did manage to stay in one place and check them out. I gotta say, they always come through with a killer performance. With a shit-load of local support, the set was full of energy.
I got a blurry picture.
and a colorful blurry picture.

As soon as 86 was done playing, I hobbled my old ass to the front of the stage so I could secure my spot in front for The Vandals. It would be about another 30 minutes before the Vandals took the stage, but I wasnt gonna leave my spot! I felt like a 14 year old girl at a Backstreet Boys concert. Everytime i've seen the Vandals, i'd never be able to get this close to the stage (without bouncers) so I was gonna take advantage of this opportunity, maybe tap Dave's nutsacks, or help Joe lay down a bass line by reaching over and holding his bass guitar for him. I was close.
The roadie, came out a few minutes prior to tape down the Set List, so I took a picture. The set list was perfect in my opinion. All of the songs I wanted to hear, except a few i wanted, but I guess they can't play all your favorites without playing a 2 hour long set. ALSO, keep in mind they played "Ladykiller", even though it wasn't on the set list. I've really wanted to hear "Ladykiller" too, ever since Sweatin' to the Oldies (with 30 seconds of craziness, right in the middle.) Badass

I kept shouting "Quackenbush" all the time, I dunno, couldnt' help it.
Mutant Boy/ Warren Fitzgerald
Joe Escalante (same bass he had last time, with the pope on the pick guard.)
My pictures got real fuzzy, real quick. It was so hot up front, my camera lens was fogged up like a window of a '79 Chevy parked up on "Inspiration Point". (Happy Days reference). Hot and Steamy (I was.)

Check it out!! Tristan, son of Marina and Jason, was found crowd surfing! haha, it was so awesome to see, I was like "I know that kid!!!!", help him up! He was floating when The Vandals were playing 'Urban Struggle'.. perfect.
While Tristan is being held up by a babe, you can see his mom and dad in the background, camera's in hand, smiles on faces. What a rad family.

Warren has the mic, which can only mean one thing. They are playing "Don't stop me know", yes the Queen cover.

"Everyone make a fish face!"
Warren did manage to fall down "on accident".

Me and Warren sharing a moment. this is a hard self-portrait to take by the way.
crowd rockin'
I met this guy there. Ken from HawaiianXtreme TV. He was as stoked as I was.
After the show, I headed into Chinatown. First I had to stop by the gas station and buy a stick of deodorant, apply all over body, and change into a spare shirt that I found in my trunk. I was spent from the concert.

After the concert, I was suppose to make it into chinatown to check out my friend, Matt's, fashion show at 'NextDoor.' Unfortunately, I was late and missed it. I did manage to hang out at Manifest for a few drinks though. (Thanks Justin for the brew.)

Brandon took me above Manifest so I could take some pictures from above the glass roof of the Manifest. It's pretty awesome up there, thanks for letting me shoot up there Brandon!!

Also, in Chinatown I ran into my friends Angel and Rona! Technically they are Sam's friends too, but since Sam wasnt with me, they're all my friends, all mine!

later dudes and dudettes.