Getting ready for tomorrow.

Today I... sat in traffic, went to the Bridal boutique, went to Savers, was convinced it was St. Patricks day, and cut my hair, just to get ready for tomorrow. Oh, I also shot a wedding too.

Got a pretty cool project in the works for tomorrow (sunday.) stay tuned.

Sat in traffic thanks to mr. SUV up there.
Sam tried some dresses on at the Bridal Boutique.
We went to Saver's to look for more "nice clothes"
I found the book I wanted.
wait... what's going on today? st. Patrick's day?
cut my hair. Paul Brown in Waikele = $60. sheeesh. The lady told me I look like Enrique Iglesias... hmmmm I still don't think I should be paying $60 for a haircut. anyways

see ya tomorrow.