Behind the Scenes. "Writer's Block" by Ryan Miyamoto Films

photo: Pono Grace

Hi there, i've been meaning to blog this a couple of days ago, but I have been busy being lazy. Anyway, this past friday I had an amazing opportunity to help out with my friends Film project. Ryan Miyamoto was working on getting some underwater film footage for his project entitled "Writer's Block". We headed over to Makaha with an incredible team and did some business. Ryan also had the help of Dave Miyamoto & Co., ocean cinematographerMike Prickett, and Kai Media.
I was so stoked to just hang out and help get some behind the scenes photos.

I can't get into too much detail about all the footage, but I can show some cool underwater photos from that day.

I headed over to the West side of Oahu a little after breakfast and was surprised with a nice view behind me.
I got to Makaha, and checked out the surf for about 1/2 an hour. It looked pretty fun. I havent been to Makaha in about 10 years, it felt pretty cool to be on this side of the island again. The drive didnt seem as long as I remembered.

I used to surf the shorebreak on this side too.. I think it's called "Cosmo's" or something?
There was a pod of whales passing by in front of the surfers. A school of whales?... a pack of whales?.. a gaggle.. uh..
Getting the gear ready.
Ryan Miyamoto
Mike Prickett (he's the director of photography on the new Bethany Hamilton movie, also the new IMAX surf film w/ Slater)
Dave Miyamoto
Keone 'keep pumping' Grace

a lot of gear
into the blue

Dave on S.U.P. duty
The model, Noelani Love, did an amazing job looking graceful in front of 4 camera's underwater.. it's hard work.
While I didnt want to get in anybody's way filming the model, I took the opportunities to shoot some turtles. A whole family hung out with us for the whole day.