Surfing. Maili point with Pat.

Me and Pat surfed Maili point on Friday. It's been about 10 years since i've surfed this place. I've only surfed it twice before, both times i've surfed it our automobile was broken into and robbed. First time with Donavan Lewis's Vanagon, then next time my Vanagon was broken into. So I gave up on this spot.
Friday me and Pat looked at 'Tracks' for about 30 minutes before deciding to press our luck and drive up the coast looking for surf. When we pulled up to Maili point there was absolutely no crowd, zero people in the water. The waves looked really good, and since I havent surfed it in so long, I wondered why nobody was surfing it. I thought maybe the car robbery's were even worse now, or maybe it looks good but it really isnt. I dunno. We saw one guy pull into the parking lot, grab his board and paddle out... so we followed.
The waves turned out to be awesome. It was just me and Pat and 2 guys for about 30 minutes, then a crowd slowly filled in.

My waterproof camera was working again (it was broken for about a month, then magically fixed itself), but then broke again 45 minutes into the surf session, so I didnt get too much video to show you. Now my camera doesnt turn on.

And the best part of the session... my car didnt get broken into!! I think we'll be checking this spot a little more often now.

30 second video of the waves.