Skatepark Tuesday.

Too windy and cold to go surfing, it was a great day to hit the skatepark. Me, Sam, Bronson, and even Travis went down to the mililani skatepark to act like we were still cool. It's been about 3 or 4 months since i've rolled around on my skateboard, but I figure it's more for the exercise these days than the actual skill part of it. The park is usually pretty empty during school hours so it's pretty fun, except for the occasional intermediate student who rolls through and convinces you that you're too lame to be there. (all photos by Sam)

Me and Bronson warmed up by playing a game of "S.K.A.T.E". rock/paper/scissors to see who goes first. (I lost)

you notice the extreme level of height i'm getting off of these flat land tricks??... If I go too high, that increases my chances of a broken ankle and/or wrist. I gotta keep it easy cheezy. By the way, I beat Bronson.
Travis brought down his 'fixed gear' bike. fun stuff

Twinkie stall

and.... These pictures are for my friend Eric. I'm sure you miss this house. I miss housesitting it too.