Matt + Noa's Biffday. NextDoor. Blurry pictures.

Remember last friday, when Matt B. and Noa celebrated there birthday at NextDoor in Chinatown?... I don't.

So yeah, Me and Chris butt buddied our friday night together and hung out in chinatown, hey we were on the 'guest list', why not celebrate. I pre-partied by myself (not lame) at Manifest, and stocked my belly up with beer.
When Chris showed up, we headed into NextDoor. By now I realized I was already taking blurry pictures of everything, so at that point I thought it would be a great idea to just continue on taking blurry pictures and erasing anything that was IN focus... seemed like a good idea at the time. Trying to hold a drink in one hand, dancing, put my camera on manual focus, I got lots of blurry pictures to show. Here;

While me and Chris were outside Manifest, about to head over to NextDoor, we saw a dude get thrown out of Bar35. The guy who got thrown out was bleeding from the hand, soon to follow the guy that got thrown out, was a guy who was bleeding from the ear. Pictured below, you can kinda see the guy's blood dripping onto his neck (talking to the security guard.)
I guess this guy (pictured sitting down) either threw a bottle or glass or something at the other guy. I'm surprised that the guy who got hit in the ear didnt absolutely kill this drunk old guy.
Across the street, Mr. ''Pipe smoking creepy behavior guy'' was peeping in on the scene...
... and Ms. ''I'm gonna show my boobies for crack lady'' walked by my camera.
Cops showed up to arrest the dude who got thrown out..
Ambulance checked out the guys ear (which looked like a mini triangle slice of pizza was cut out of it).. they said he was okay though

okay, so on to NextDoor. Blurry picture time.

Nicole and Ckaweeks
Jessi and Jenn on big screen. Thanks to Harold Julian's slide show.

The Pirates took to the dance floor this is here jacket picture
alright, Step 1.) Creepy guy have a seat next to some ladies on the couch...
... Step 2.) Creepy guy get up in front of the ladies and show his terrible dance moves... try to get ladies to react. not so lucky guy.
Hot sex on the wall. White on white screen prints by

Kiani on the screen / Kiani on the stage
Matt B. (I think)
Birthday Boys
I dont know who took my camera tonight.. Chris and Matt took some shots. I'm glad everyone kept with the Blurry theme. Me.

Kiani and Ckaweeks
I kept one picture that actually had a focus point in it. Chris's hat. best pic all night.
Chris can dance
Kiani can dance
Me and Chris can dance together... "you're stepping on my toes"
Okay, i kept this one too (even though it was in focus.) I was just amazed that I managed to manually focus on my feet while I was jumping in the air. cheeee
dance on
dance on
I fight and dance exactly the same
piggy-back rides (free ones)

Killer picture. I think Matt took this one. I'm pretty sure im doing my "I'm a little teapot" dance
fire dance
ufo dance
purple belt dance
all done dance

bye dance