Wedding: Alex & Christina

... o.k. well look at this, I just figured out how to post bigger pictures on my blog. Its an easy process to do, but if youre doing it to over 5 pictures it is kind of a pain. Anyway,

This past saturday I shot another wedding with Dave Miyamoto. We shot an awesome couple! Im talking about an awesome couple who were willing to get in the sand, willing to play around, and willing to get their feet wet, it was fun. The wedding was by the Ihilani at Ko'olina, here are a few pics.

I tried out my backwards 50mm macro for fun... it turned out o.k.

Guess who was the bartender?! Chon Peters my friend and old roomate! What a small world, it was cool to be working at the same wedding as him.

Alex and Christina

whoa, this was intense! It was the first time i've seen a Samoan wedding dance, it was awesome. Everyone at the wedding was joining in with the bride... imagine a lot of screaming, music, stomping, money flying in the air, laughing, clapping, and movement. When I was shooting by the stage, I was surrounded by people moving... it almost felt like a mosh pit. So rad

make it rain!

Also on a side note, the lady in charge of puting up the tables and tents was Jenny Turner. She used to work at Kualoa ranch, she was the lovely lady who helped plan me and Sam's wedding! yes, a small world it is.

bon voyage