Two little piggies

O.k. O.k... so why did I have to get TWO! parking tickets for the same exact thing, by two different cops, on the same day, and within one hour after each other!!! ack!

First of all, they are doing construction on my street all week which leaves me with no parking except for a road that is 2 blocks away!!
So I find a parking spot on this road, and apparently I accidently parked next to the world's smallest "no parking" sign!! do you see it?? do you see the small "no parking" logo on that bus stop?? (which im gonna add, i've never ever seen a bus go down this street!!)... and they should of least painted the curb red for the No Parking zone... uhg.
anyway, so I understand I made a mistake, and I can deal with a parking ticket... BUT!! why on earth did a second cop need to give me another parking ticket 1 hour and 5 minutes later, while the original parking ticket was still on my windshield??!! He obviously saw that I had no idea I was parked illegally, but he felt I needed two tickets?!! gimme a break!!.. better yet gimme $75 so I can pay these tickets. I do not like the police today.