new "Diana+" pictures

So I finally uploaded some new pictures that I took with my "Diana" camera. This "Diana" camera is a camera purely made out of plastic, yes even the camera lens is made from plastic. Its manufactured by Lomography, a company dedicated to bringing back some old photo soul into the world. Anyway the camera takes film, 120 film type to be exact. Its sort of like your regular 35mm film, but the film is bigger and it shoots your negatives as Squares. Also a normal roll of 120 film will only either take 12 or 16 photos. For this roll of Black&White film, I wanted to try something new with the camera. I used some small strips of "Velcro" and glued the strips to the inside of the camera frame, right where the film advances through the camera. I thought doing this would create a cool dreamy effect on the borders of the pictures, but actually the Velcro was exposed onto the film with a lot of sharpness, so I didnt get the exact look I was going for but it still looked kinda cool. The cool thing that I like about taking photos with this camera is that, since everything is made from plastic, there is a lot of room for unpredictable camera 'errors'... like having sunlight leak through the back and give you those "light leaks" on the picture. Another interesting attribute is that you have to manual focus everything with a tiny depth of field to work with, also the 'viewfinder' is absolutely useless, so it's pretty much a lot of guessing. Through all that you get a real vintage looking photograph most of the time. check it out. And thanks chris for developing my negatives for me.

This is what my "Diana" camera looks like.

You can see the "velcro" border pretty well in this photo. This photo is of a truck missing its window and its car stereo. bummer

Yeah, i took most of the photos at Waiamea Bay.. it was hard not to, it was a beautiful day.