catching up with random things

Ive had a few small things that I wanted to blog about, but never really thought they would be worth talking about. But, If I put all that crap into one post, then I guess it makes it worth reading. Some random things from the past 2 weeks or so...

Yeah, I like this sign. I have no Idea what i'm suppose to be looking out for, but it's cool anyway. I saw this sign on a back road in Waiamea, on my way to Waiamea falls to take family pictures of my friend Erin and her family... which brings me to my next gab...

I met up with Erin and her family to shoot some fun family photos. Here's what happened unfortunately... I shot a full 1 Gig memory card of the family walking around and hanging out in Waiamea falls park, then when that memory card was full, I switched to another one. Anyway, I lost the first memory card somehow!! Yikes, not something I like sharing with everyone as its quite embarrassing, but yeah it was terrible. We are planning to re-shoot sometime in June.
oh, and after the photo shoot in the north shore, Me and bella had a shave ice, told ya i'm always gonna blog about shave ice.
A couple of days ago me and Pat scored some great surf out at Polie's in mokuleiea. All I have to show is this cruddy cell phone picture, but it was an awesome session. Me, pat, and 2 others.. sharing an unlimited supply of glassy 3 foot lefts. Also Stacy Lee showed up on her bodyboard, its been a while since i've see her surf... fun times. It was probably the last time I would get in a north shore session before the summer comes.
I cashed some checks this week too. It's kinda neat, and it feels good to get paid to take some photos, or for me to get something that resembles a "Paycheck" for that matter. One of the checks was from Honolulu Weekly for a cover shot I did for them a long time ago (december issue)... and the other was from a Wedding with Dave Miyamoto. I dont cash that many big photography checks, but this is a good start for me I think.
oh and here's the cover of that Honolulu Weekly.
Isabella took her 'spring portraits' a month or two ago. I didnt actually buy any of the photos, I just took them home and scanned them, then returned the package to her school.. i'm a cheap date.
I found this photo floating around on my computer. Its from our Road trip through Texas, I just realized that I could see myself in this horse's eyeball.
also, im looking for some inspiration for photography and I came across this image on the web. This will be my new style from now on!... anybody wanna volunteer to model for me?

other than that, Me and Sam have been last minute planning for Bella's birthday party on Monday.

May has been the busiest month for me with photography jobs... I think by the time this month is over I will have shot 6 weddings, 1 family portrait, 2 engagement sessions, and a handful of fashion/model shoots. Yes, I know, next step my own website.

Surf was great this month, I scored Ala Mo Bowls and Mokuleiea a bunch... my skin is actually slightly peeling on my nose and back.. Wow!! I give kudos to myself for finally quitting Pacsun and giving myself opportunities to maintain my accomplished tan.

Shane is coming next weekend, yay. Cree is in Seattle getting ready for the "sasquatch" music festival this weekend, lucky guy. Some of my friends have a blog, but never ever update it... where are you Ryan, Talon, and chad???

random fact: Cameron just got back from his Europe trip, and he told me he randomly ran into our old 6th grade classmate and best friend, Billy Hallet (in europe). Thats so amazingly random that I barely believe it.

I finally put some toys on ebay that i've been meaning to sell for the past 3 months. Hopefully I can turn over a good profit.

Im going to bed now.. gotta a long weekend coming up.