Music Review

I spent my saturday morning stealing music from the interweb. Well, I didnt steal all the music, Cameron gave me an iTunes gift card for $15 so that gave me enough credit to buy an album that I couldnt find anywhere (yeah, i couldnt find it on Limewire anyway). That album would be the new album by one of my favorite bands, "The Vandals."

The new album is called 'B.B.C. sessions and other polished turds'... let's put it this way, the only way this album works is because it's by "the vandals." If you heard this c.d. for the first time and had no idea who the vandals were, you would think its absolutely terrible. The album has a 'Ramones' cover, a 'Queen' cover, and re-makes of old Vandals songs. Pay close attention to the new version of "you're not the boss of me (kick it)".. its absolutely absurd! the c.d. is worth the purchase though for any Vandals fan.

Since I had one new album under my belt, I'd figure I would make some new c.d.'s for the car stereo. Next on my must have list was the new album by all time greats, "NOFX." The album is called 'coaster'... I love the album concept on this one. Anyway, the c.d. of course is awesome. I dont understand how NOFX can be a band for over 25 years! and put out over 15 wicked awesome c.d.'s AND still blow my mind with good tunes. Its absolutely worth getting, I would of purchased it for $10 if I had to, thats how good it is. oh, and the funniest song on the album is "creeping out sara."

o.k... so you know how you are burning a c.d. and then you have extra space on your c.d.? You dont wanna waste that space, so you add other songs to the c.d. Well, thats what happened when I was making my NOFX c.d... the nofx songs only took up like 1/2 of the c.d. capacity, so I figured i would find some more music to fill the void. Thats where "the offspring" came into the picture. So you know, we all liked The Offspring in 1994 right!? I heard they had a new c.d. out, so i figured i'd give it a listen.

Listen to me when I say this: "Never follow NOFX songs with Offspring songs!"... it's like having a delicious appetizer at dinner, then eating cardboard after that.

Well the album isnt terrible, its just really weak. I kid you not, I think the Offspring arent writing there own songs anymore. I swear they had ''Panic at the Disco'' write the song 'You're gonna go far kid' for them... then they had ''Linkin Park'' write the song called 'a lot like me' on the c.d.. Oh, and I think the Offspring covered one of there old songs and just renamed it!! the song called 'trust in you', I swear is exactly the same as their old song 'Nitro' but with different lyrics this time. hmmmm. I guess this album is worth "free" though, so what can I say.