Makapu'u Underwater with Chris

Sunday, the day after I shot pictures with Erica and The Jump Offs (see posts below), me and Chris went to Makapu'u to take some more underwater pictures. THANK YOU AGAIN DAVE for letting me borrow your housing and camera!! This was the first time i've ever tried to take underwater photos at a beach with an SLR, I usually just bring my wal-mart point-n-shoot camera (which is now broken as well.)
Anyway, me and chris had a shit load of fun even though the waves were only about 1 foot. It was hard to get any pictures of any barrel's or anything since the waves were so small and wind chopped. It was a cool and new experience, and I think we got some cool shots for our first time. yay. Also, this made me wanna buy an underwater housing for myself.... after I buy a new Camera... anyone wanna give me a few thousand dollars?... (I'll make it worth your while, wink)

Housed up ready to go.. .you can see how big the waves are below..
Most of the pictures are of us swimming around. we took turns bodyboarding, but i'm no good at that.

I got a little shot of a little tube from behind.
The Green Rainbow
Chris on bodyboard
Self dirty-portrait
it's just like outer space
Bubble 'stache makes an appearance
Traveling through time
Chris wanted a big hug from me. Gladly
body surfin' Chris
"Head in the clouds"

Chris took a turn with the camera, and he got some great shots. Some cool ones of me especially

at least my foot was totally getting tubed.

now my head is in the clouds
who needs waves?!

like a graceful pelican