Roys. restaurant, I love you.

Is it rude to suggest menu items to people, then quickly eat all the food off of there plate when they excuse themselves to the bathroom? I dunno.
We went to 'Roy's' in Hawaii Kai the other night, it was a celebration dinner. Celebrating the fact that Erin is moving away to Germany... wooohoooo!! (just kidding, but she's actually moving) Anyway, me, sam, angel, and erin had a "ladies night" out on the town. We had a fancy dinner, then met up with Cameron and the crew at Apt.3.
When the food is this good, it's not crazy to take pictures of it.
I ordered the Surfboard Trio... Erin had the same thing. LOVED it.
now it's inside my stomach.
sam had steak.
Angel had the blackened Ahi... nom nom nom
mopped up the appetizer sampler.
Dessert... I tried the Apple/Banana Lumpia with Ice cream... I french kissed it, then ate it.