At night. More long exposures wasted with Creee.

I forgot that I usually blog. I think it's been over a week. Anyway, these photos are from a week ago. Me and Chris were bored, so we got together on a cold night and spent quality time with each other. Once again, the only time we had to shoot photos was in the middle of the night, and with no particular subject to shoot, we ended up wasting 2 1/2 hours of our lives taking 10 pictures.
We went into Hawaii Kai, our original goal was to take pictures of different fruits on fire (this idea shouldnt seem out of the ordinary to you if you know me and chris.) Anyway, we went to safeway and bought some photogenic fruits, some matches, some flammable jelly's, etc. Results were not as expected. It's really hard to set fruit on fire in the cold windy outdoor night. I ended up just shooting some long exposure stuff. More of the stuff you've already seen. Here;

Long exposure of the tide pool. Plane passing by in the background, green flash to fill the foreground.
Long exposure, same thing. Purple flash on the rocks to capture a splash.
Attempt. Fun, yet unsatisfying at the same time. Next time we'll go bigger.
Long exposure. Blue flash on left foreground, green flash on right foreground.
ocean, stars, clouds, red flash, purple flash.
Chris taking a pic with a black cloud rainbow in the background.
Long exposure of this place. Lensbaby lens.
Chris's Filmasaurus. (He took one long exposure... took 45 minutes, no joke)
portrait of a dude waiting in the cold wind for his 45 minute exposure to expose.
I dont know why i took this picture in the first place. but it took me about a minute and a half, so I figured i'd at least post it.
Usually a picture is suppose to 'say a thousand words'... but this one pretty much just tells a sentence, "Chris playing with matches on a bridge."

thanks for being bored with me.