"Prevail". Music that's good. (I'm totally hip to the scene)

I've been meaning to check out my friend Janessa's band, "Prevail", for some time now. Well I finally got out of the house and did it. They were playing a small show in pearl city, I already forget the name of the place... it's above the Dixie Grill by aloha stadium. Oh wait, I think it was called "Who let this old guy in?!".. because I kept hearing people say that.

Anyway if you ever in the mood to listen to some killer punk rock, Paromore-ish (but harder and better) stuff, go find out when they are playing next and go see them. You won't be disappointed, actually you'll probably be blown away (as I was.) Some pics from the show....

this is the place.. oh, now I see the sign.. it was called '4Play'
Janessa plays guitar and is the lead singer... but don't get your hopes up boys, that's her husband backing it up on drums.

Jamey on rip sticks.

oi oi oi.