Chinese New Year. Bella dances with dragons.

Chinese New Year was a few days ago. Bella got to celebrate it in full 1st grader style, by having a 'lion dance' parade! All the first graders got together and paraded around the school shaking homemade noise makers (paper plates stapled together with beans inside), wearing paper hats, and doing the traditional lion dance.
Bella was privileged enough to be one of the kids inside the lion :) She was suppose to be the kid controlling the Lion's head, but her friend wanted to do it, so Bella settled for the tail.

Here's Bella's class, lining up for the parade.
Bella liked being the tail. I think she had a hard time seeing where she was going though. She kept peeking out the back.

not to be confused with the not so popular Ku Klux Lion...

Kids love a good parade.

Happy Chinese New Year everybody!