Photo Shoot. Brandon Smith. with Underwater fun.

Monday was the last day I was borrowing Dave's underwater housing, so I figured i'd get a little more use out of it. My friend Brandon volunteered to be my model for the morning. I wanted to see if I could shoot subjects underwater in the ocean, since it was pretty easy to shoot people in a pool (see Jump Offs post below). Shooting in the ocean was much harder than a swimming pool, but it was still fun to frolic in the ocean and shoot pictures. It's definitely challenging to get clean shots in the ocean, even with the sun out, you have to deal with murky water, floating seaweed, etc. Brandon was an awesome model though, he even brought some sweet short shorts. Good times.

Location- Hawaii Kai.

Brandon Smith

A photoshoot on the beach wouldnt be complete without some of these cliche, but classic, shots! haha, Brandon is pretty good at this.