Erica photo shoot

Last week I shot Erica. It was a super fun shoot, very relaxed, and very easy for me to take a pretty picture (just click) she did the rest. Erica wanted to get a few more photos for her portfolio and I wanted to take pictures so it worked out just fine. Chris, Matt B., and Jessi came along half way through and helped out. The best part about this shoot was I got to experiment shooting in some places that i've always wanted to shoot at, but havent yet. We even pulled over on the side of the road, off of the freeway, and got some people to honk at us while they drove by. I've also always wanted to shoot at this checkerboard wall, and I was very stoked to have the idea I had in my head play out perfectly. Thanks to Erica for consistently looking hot and for being willing to go wherever and shoot whatever, even if it was a little stinky in a few places. Yay.


Chris shooting with his 4X5. "This lens is amazing, its from 1904!"-Creee

I bought this sweater from Savers about a year ago, because I wanted to use it for pictures exactly like this.

I brought my lensbaby out for a few photos. It's been a while since i've pulled that lens out of the bag.