photo shoot with "The Jump Offs"

Wednesday night? I forget. Anyway, Landon from the wicked awesome band, "The Jump Offs", asked if I could shoot some press photos of the band. We've been trying to get everyone together for a while, but with everyone having grown-up schedules, it's pretty hard to get everyone in one place. Finally we figured I would just come down to there rehearsal studio and shoot there. I shot a few photos in the music studio, then we walked out onto the street for some more lifestyle type stuff.
I tried to get creative without having the sun to light my photos. Most of the stuff was shot with long exposures, LED lights, colored plastic gels, and hand held flashes. It was challenging but pretty fun. I think we got some really colorful stuff. Extraordinary thanks to Chris and Brent for helping me out.

also, you should listen to these guys, they rock.