Secret Spot Session. 01/11/10

I should of been uploading pictures from Camerons' wedding and working on that blog, but a few people really wanted to see these pictures from our recent surf session. So yeah, Monday me and Jake went looking for surf knowing that there should be some big west wrap somewhere on the island. We checked a few spots before meeting up with Baron, Drew, and Ira out at a secret spot. I'd say we scored some pretty fun surf. Less than 10 guys out, 3-4 foot rights, hot sun, sexy boys, it was all good.

First spot we checked. "Tracks". It was good, but 40 guys out.... pass. Also, Jake wanted to do some old school grom parking, got his tire free rotating in some sand.
Lucky i've been lifting milk jugs and watching P90X, i muscle pushed his car out. (I can almost do 10 push-ups now too)
Next spot check... Campbells... damn its been a long time since I've even checked this place out. It looked okay, but nothing worth cracking your head open for.

i managed to get crabs

Found the spot to go out, but first we had to compare who had the shortest shorts on. Drew was the winner (he loves dolphins too.)
Looking good... =)



B-ron, J-key
we had our own peak. quality time
thinking about paddling over to that peak... hmmm.

Ira headed for the back set


Baron on, Drew not as excited for him... "howz this guy?!"-Drew
Baron same wave
Snake Roberts
Ira pre backside tuck


Ira smash
Jake slide

last wave in

Video... not much. the more i had my camera out, the more i got pounded on the inside. also, very hard to make a late drop with one hand.