Surfing. Tracks. Chuns/Jocko's. Silver's

Catching up on three surf sessions over the past week. Last week, Me, Sam, and Brandon went over to Tracks for some small but fun surfing. Friday, Me, Sam, and Mike went over to Chuns for some surf school. And today, Me, Baron, and Drew surfed some pretty good waves out at Silver Channels.

Me and Brandon paddled out to 'acid drops' on the west side last week. It was pretty fun when we got out, but the swell dropped really quickly. We ended up sitting out in the water by ourselves for 20 minute intervals between waves. Didnt matter, we still had fun. Sam took some fun pictures of us. Also, I get pretty discouraged when I see photos of myself... I suck.
Brandon used my 7' 10". Perfect equipment for these waves.
git 'em tiger
Brandon Christ Super Star.
smiles are a true sign that you are having fun.
Kung Fu bottom turn
This guy got a face full of water for paddling behind me.
Copying Brandon.
my biggest maneuver of the day... where my sponsors at?
Sam left me a few love notes on my camera.
I switched boards with brandon. Longboarding is harder than i remember
Cheater Five

"Sam, did you get that picture of me doing my Porpoise mating call?!"

A few days later we went to Chun's. We brought our friend Mikey out to learn how to surf.
"Time to stand up Mike!... get in the tube dude" (that's me coaching from behind)

new move invented- buttslide backside bottom turn

I traded onto my "longboard" again.

After Mikey got tired of surfing, I paddled over to Jocko's for a few waves. It was pretty fun out there. A bit inconsistent, but very empty. The faces were wide open, fun size.

I didnt take this picture.... butt it's for Mike.

I made a little GIF. interesting test
free graphic for myspace

This morning, Monday, I surfed Silver's with Baron and Drew. It was pretty good, as expected, a bit more crowded than I hoped, as expected, but I got some good ones.

da reefers
Drew coasting
drew on a little slider wave
Baron at the end of the line. A bit deep
Crazy kid bike contraption